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Frog Logo Welcome to the home page of J-Hop, a modular Java Gnutella servent. The intention of this project is to combine in one package the functionality of various other Gnutella projects. Other projects Seem to offer a nice GUI, or a text based front end or a developer's API, or whatever. J-Hop attempts to combine all these in one project by using a core Gnutella engine with various plug-in front ends to allow use through a GUI, text based interface or batch mode.

Additionally, J-Hop is developed using the latest JDK1.4 Java I/O and network APIs and so may be a useful starting point for developers wishing to write their own Gnutella projects who would rather use the java.nio and JDK1.4 java.net API functionality. It is intended that the project also make use of XML for any files it needs to create (eg. download lists, host caches, preferences, etc.).


The project is very much pre-alpha. Only engine code (and a GUI test program) exist right now. The engine is not fully functional but can manage the following:

For more details, visit the SourceForge project page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/j-hop/

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